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Workshops & Speaking Engagements


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Creating a Stand-Out Resume

Searching for a job in today’s competitive, online job market means your experience and skills need to stand out from all the rest. This session will cover current resume best practices, including tips about what information to include, what to leave off, as well as formatting and content guidelines to give your experience more impact. Bring your resume questions for the Q&A afterward.

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Using LinkedIn for your Job Search

Job searching in today’s online world means using resources including LinkedIn, and job seekers need to be savvy about this networking platform. This session will cover LinkedIn best practices, including creating a strong profile, optimizing for search, what information to include, developing a network and guidelines for maximizing LinkedIn in your job search.

Confident businessman waiting for an interview

Get Ready for Your Next Job Interview

Today’s job seeker must be prepared for any interview scenario: by phone, by Skype and in-person. This session will outline steps to get yourself prepared, tips for handling various interview situations, what information is essential to brush up on, as well as potential questions you’ll need to be ready to answer. Bring your interviewing questions for the Q&A afterward.

Speaking Engagements

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You've Just Been Laid Off. Now What?

Being laid off or finding yourself “between jobs” is a scary time.  You’re suddenly thrust into a new world of having no daily routine, and you’re worried about how you’ll find your next job, you’re worried about money, or feel like now is the time to finally figure out what you want to do with your life. All together, it can amount to a lot of stress. This session focuses on how to develop a successful “system” for how to handle a layoff or job transition situation, and getting prepared for kicking off the search for your next job.

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Conquering Your Job Search Journey

Conducting an effective job search can be challenging, no matter what stage you're at in your career.  Having a solid strategy for finding your next job is essential. And, finding a new job can feel like a full-time job. So how do you conquer your job search, and come out on top? This session offers a realistic plan for managing the job search, including tips on staying organized, effective networking strategies, and keeping the momentum going.

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