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Conquer the Job Search Journey

Job Search Divas offers the tools you need to have an effective and productive job search. Services include career assessments, job search strategies, resume and Linkedin profile development, coaching, cover letters/letters of introduction, networking skills and interview preparation and rehearsal.

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Head Diva
Elizabeth Gross

Elizabeth is passionate about helping people succeed in searching for new jobs. A former marketing executive at Monster.com, she's assisted countless people with their resumes and job searches.  


Elizabeth provides a highly personalized, one-on-one approach to help you succeed in the next steps in your career.


She was a featured speaker at SXSW 2017 & 2018, presenting the talks "You've Just Been Laid Off. Now What?" and “Conquering Your Job Search Journey” and holds a B.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Make your skills and experience really shine.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are just starting out in your career, I can help. We’ll develop a personalized plan to help you conquer your job search.


“I can’t thank Elizabeth enough …  she was amazing! Her process made a task that seemed overwhelming come together with ease.  She was able to help me accomplish something that I truly couldn’t have done on my own.  I highly recommend working with her; she will tailor everything specifically to your personal needs and build your confidence while doing it!”

Doreen R.

"I have made it through the first month in my new career. I wanted to thank you for your help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile change. It certainly made quite a difference as many of my co-workers wonder how I made a pivot from retail into healthcare. I am enjoying my new career path and it is great to begin to learn again even at my age."

Chris M.

"Elizabeth is a highly skilled resume writer and job search professional.  In addition, she is a joy to work with. Elizabeth helped me to boil down of 35 years of work experience into a two page resume that highlights my accomplishments and most transferable skills. In addition, she formatted the resume so that it is easily uploaded and scanned into job posting websites. She also helped me improve my LinkedIn profile so that it is more visually appealing and in sync with my new resume.  Lastly she helped me develop a cover letter template that can quickly be revised to call out skills for a given position.  I am still early in my job search, but now I am going into with confidence that I have a strong platform for gaining the interest of potential employers."

Tim H.